Natural mineral water for shrimp farming

Promoting the activities of native microorganisms in intestines of shrimps

Extracted minerals strengthen immunity by activating beneficial bacteria in intestines of shrimps, and dramatically reduce mortality by speeding up metabolism.

Decomposition of pond sludge

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) decomposes the harmful substance accumulated on the bottom of pond and organic matters accumulated in intestines of shrimps by causing ‘photocatalytic’ reactions.

As the result, it reduces the amount of feces and decreases toxic gas such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Representative advantages of using SWMI

  • The weight gain effect only after 15 days
    (increase in the number of molting).

  • Shrimp color changes (pond bottom sludge decomposition).

  • The pH of pond water is maintained without falling even without using slaked lime.

  • Shrimp weight and size are uniform without jaggedness upon shipment.

  • Improvement of Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

  • High Survivor Rate (increased up to 90%).

Ingredients of SWMI

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