Natural mineral water for pig farming environment

Promote the activities of microorganisms in intestines of pigs

PIGMI raises the digestion and absorption of feed by activating the beneficial bacteria in intestines of pigs as well as improving the immunity against the diseases

Decomposition of the causative materials of toxic gas in intestines of pigs and pigpens

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) decomposes the harmful substance accumulated on the bottom of pigpen and organic matters accumulated in intestines of pigs by causing ‘photocatalytic’ reactions.

As the result, it reduces the amount of feces and decreases toxic gas such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Representative advantages of using PIGMI

  • The manure amount is reduced by more than 20%, reducing the cost of manure treatment.

  • The toxic gas in the barn begins to decrease after 1 week, freeing you from complaints.

  • As the amount of manure is reduced, the nutritional status of livestock improves, and the livestock grows in a pleasant environment due to the reduction of toxic gases.

  • In the case of piglets, the developmental state and the round part around the belly button get better and the activity increases.

  • Increases immunity by accelerating fermentation of microorganisms in the intestine.

  • Decreased mortality rate of piglets, and an increase in meat quality of fed pigs directly lead to the increase in farm income.

  • Solid sludge in the pit and piping, a chronic problem in the pigpen, is dissolved.

Ingredients of PIGMI

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