Fermentation Accelerator (TSPA-1)

Production of organic compost through fermentation of livestock feces and completion of environmentally friendly livestock farming

How to put TSPA-1

Representative advantages of using TSPA-1

  • Fermentation is fully completed within about 2 weeks after the fermentation accelerator is added for the first time.

  • Inorganic minerals improve air permeability and create aerobic emviormental conditions by granulating composts in the fermentation process.

  • Rapid growth of actinomycetes, which are high temperature bacteria, shortens the fermentation period and remove odors.
    (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.)

  • The organic compost produced in this way improves the soil of strong alkali (pH 8.5-9.5) to weak alkali (pH 6.8-7.2).

Ingredients of TSPA-1

Neo Meal

Make the rumen more active !

Neo Meal acting process

Neo Meal supplies non-protein nitrogen as feed to the microorganisms in rumen to increase the weight of cattle.

Features of Neo Meal

  • A non-protein nitrogen source which is produced by mixing amino acid fermentation composts and excipients and used for synthesizing body protein of ruminants.

  • Used to increase the crude protein content of assorted feed or self-mixed feed at a low unit cost.

  • About 70% of CP level.

  • Excellent aroma and palatability.

  • The input rate of assorted feed is approximately 2.5%.
    (Replacement of protein sources such as soybean oil meal)

  • Hygienic safety through high temperature drying process.

  • Very stable physical appearance of brown powder.

Ingredients of Neo Meal

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